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Recycling Consultants Nederland is the point of contact for your complete waste processing.
In the opaque waste sector, many parties are involved in recycling.
They often only take care of part of the process, such as collection, transport or processing.


RCN is distinctive in the waste industry.

RCN is cost effective

The philosophy of RCN:
skip all those links between provider and end processor.
In order to put this philosophy into practice, RCN has built up a large network of (end) processors in recent years. Because we bundle all waste materials, we can negotiate a good price from our customers. Which you ultimately benefit from!
13 years of experience has taught us that this is a successful and cost-effective concept.

Distinctive because we

    • Do not process waste yourself
    • Working independently
    • Ensuring traceable waste streams
    • Provide industry-specific customization
    • Offer a transparent price structure based on commodity listing on the stock exchange
    • Ensuring a better yield or lower costs
    • Reducing waste, preferably by recycling waste


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Kirsten de Quillettes
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Kiss the Quillettes
Partner / Sr. Consultant
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Robbert de Quillettes
Account manager
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Bianca Milane
Head of Internal Service
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Sharon Keasberry
Employee in service
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Patricia van den Bulk
Employee in service
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Demi van den Dool
Inside service
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Lia Mooijenkind-Green
Financial administration
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Geralda de Quillettes
Financial administration
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Herman Hartgers
Field Service Support